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Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Mark S, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Mark S

    Mark S New Member

    Does anyone know where I can can find a review/test on the Yamaha XTZ660? I've searched online but surprisingly little info on the bike. Any info greatly appreciated.
  2. Greg J

    Greg J New Member

    I think Ive got a couple of tests in magazines , I'll check it out and if I have them, I'll make a copy and post it to you.
  3. TripSpec

    TripSpec Administrator Staff Member

    Some interesting comments re XTZ660. Also try Google search engine and punch in Yamaha XTZ660.
  4. Neil

    Neil New Member

    Mark, I have owned a pre loved?? XTZ for a couple of years now. I bought the bike purely to get away on the odd occasion and at the time it seemed like the ideal choice. The finances of course played a great part in that decision, a KTM 640 adventure would be great but given that my riding is infrequent that would be a bloody lot of cash tied up. I bought a seond hand bike at the local dealer for $5000, the odometer had been fiddled with by the previous owner I suspect, however the bike was in very good nic, probably hadn't ventured onto the dirt.
    So here goes...Any buyer should swap the standard air filter arrangement for a unifilter (has a genuine Yamaha part number!!), mine cost $90 direct from the importer. The standard filter is not up to the task and will not filter out the particles that will do damage. The next near compulsory buy is a Staintune, opens up the breathing considerably when combined with the previous mod, unleashing a few more neddies especially at the top end. Another mod worth considering is a set of crash bars. The standard very thin very brittle plastic side panel to the fairing is ...wait for it $420.00! We could go on of course, a decent set of bars, bark busters or similar, a stronger rear brake lever with a pivoting tip again all in the interest of further crash proofing the thing.
    Having said all of the foregoing, the thing handles pretty well considering that this type of bike is inherently a compromise (some might say neither your arse nor your elbow) goes well and stops reasonably(loaded on the bitumen) or very well on the loose stuff. The seat is great, the riding position excellent (I'm 5'11") though not for those affected by duck's disease. The fairing keeps the wind and rain off well, though a tad taller screen would throw the breeze up over the top of the helmet and provide a quieter ride.
    I have a copy of a 1996 Sidetrack magazine with a review of the first XTZ to come into the country and would be pleased to send you a copy if you are interested - email me direct. I have been on a couple of the Extreme Zones rides organised by Tony Kirby of Sidetracks magazine. Tonyis a fan of the marque and like the rest of us was sorry to hear of their demise in the Australian market. Certainly narrows down the choices.
    Would I buy another? Well yes! For the money I can't think of a bike that will better suit the type of riding I enjoy. Watch Sidetracks for a story of our trip from Orange to Lake Eyre South and return.
  5. Declan07

    Declan07 New Member

    hmm great writing like easy.. but I don't understand why you are interesting in that junk? Because in market there are hundreds of other models which are many many times better in performance and durability. Anyhow but its your choice. I think you got what you want.
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  6. Bikal

    Bikal New Member

    I also agree with you Declan07 because after the school i never tried to read such kind of essays but here this guys forced me to read and i feel so bore after read it.

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